The Ideas Lab is an intensive, interactive, and free-thinking environment, where a diverse group of participants from a range of disciplines and backgrounds gets together for five days – away from their everyday worlds – to immerse themselves in collaborative thinking processes in order to construct innovative approaches.

            ‘Idea-Lab’, is an innovative program initiated by the Arihant school of pharmacy and bioresearch institutes to nurture the creative and entrepreneurial potential in pharmacy students. In focus area like innovative ideas in the field of drug discovery, Biomedical devices, ICT health, herbal drug technology, Artificial Intelligence & other allied areas looking for Mentoring, and developing new formulation & Funding support for Prototype/MVP / Product development.

          It provides a small seed-funding up to Rs 1 Lac for early-stage exploration of an idea, helping a move from the ideation to the prototype stage. Thus, the Idea-Lab serves as a ‘pharma Incubator’ that aims to support potential ideas with good technological merit. Mentoring is provided to develop a potential product commercially and connect to angel investors.