Master of pharmacy in pharmaceutics

This programme is aimed to create trained and competent research scientist. The M.Pharm (Pharmaceutics) Program leads to specialisation in formulation development and optimisation of variables which are essential for manufacturing conventional and novel drug delivery systems.  Formulation of dosage forms has proven to be a powerful area in research to surmount various difficulties in formulation of new chemical entities. So this area has got tremendous research and development application in industry and moreover it has the ability to adjudicate various queries in the field of pharmaceutical science. Department is well equipped with many equipments like spray dryer, extruder, tablet compression machine, Dissolution test apparatus, Disintegration test apparatus, high speed homogeniser, rotory evaporator humidifier coating machine,etc

The first year involves theoretical and practical sessions in the following areas like modern analytical techniques, Modern Pharmaceutics, computer aided drug discovery and cosmeceuticals, and concept of advances of novel drug delivery system, absorption and pharmacokinetics study. Second year involves concept of research methodology and execution of project selection and completion with presentation.

Master of pharmacy in Quality Assurance

Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance Program is designed to consolidate, supplement and enhance the knowledge and experience of graduates currently employed in the pharmaceutical sector.

It is aimed at those wishing to further their studies in aspects of quality assurance, regulation and validation Quality Assurance lab is equipped with the latest analytical instruments, which enables the students to acquire hands-on training on the instruments. It facilitates imparting the practical training to the students in pharmaceutical and analytical chemistry and assists in research work. The laboratory includes sophisticated instruments like HPLC, digital flame photometer, UV visible spectrophotometer, Karl-Fischer titrator, colorimeter and photofluorimeter.

Master of pharmacy in Pharmacology

Pharmacology is the dynamic branch of Pharmacy which is rapidly expanding for the drug discovery and development and provides the rational basis for the therapeutic uses of new drugs. In its entirety, it embraces knowledge of the sources, chemical properties, biological effects, molecular mechanisms and therapeutic uses of drugs. Pharmacologists are also involved in molecular modeling of drugs, and the use of drugs as tools to dissect aspects of cell function. The scope of pharmacology has expanded exponentially over the last decade to incorporate many new approaches such as computer-assisted drug design, genetic screens, protein engineering and the use of novel drug delivery vehicles including viruses and artificial cells. This subject deals with the research both at animal and human levels at post-graduation level. M.Pharm in Pharmacology focuses on research oriented subjects like Pharmacological and Toxicological Screening Methods, Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology, Clinical Research and Pharmacovigilance etc. This PG course requires the use of various animals for which the institute has Animal House Facility approved by CPCSEA for the use of rats, mouse, guinea pigs and rabbits. In this direction, the department goal is to prepare exceptional students for productive and successful careers in Research and Development (R & D) centres, Clinical Research Organizations (CROs), Medical writing, Pharmacovigilance centre, Drug and Poison centres, Academic institutions to teach pharmacology subject in B.Pharm, D.Pharm and/or Pharm D etc.




Pharmaceutics- 15
2 Years (4 – Semester) Full-Time course
Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance-  15
Pharmacology- 03
Pharmacognosy- 9 Seats